Wondering about 7 Star Hotels and Hotel Stars


Aman Canal Grande Venedig | Venice

Number of real stars: ★★★★★ | Trivago Rating IndexE: 85/100

7 Star 8 Hotel from the World

It is known that many world stars rent out this hotel for special occasions. However, it is not for such simple pleasures, because the night of each room of this hotel is around a few thousand euros. Guests are accommodated in rooms with charming canal and private garden views.

A combination of history and luxury, the hotel is like a museum: you can beam yourself to Venice when Venice is covered with gold-plated doors, 18th-century Tiepolo frescoes, magnificent hunts, marble fireplaces and luxurious leather covers on hundreds of years old walls. George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin preferred this hotel to say “Yes!”

But officially the hotel has 5 stars.

Hotel Classifications in Europe

Many different tourism and hotel organizations in Europe have come together to establish HSU. Founding nations include Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Hungary. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Belgium, Denmark, Greece and Liechtenstein. In these countries, hotels within the same category can be easily compared.

7 Star 8 Hotel from the World

However, in all remaining European countries hotel stars are given according to different criteria and rules. In fact, this is not a surprise because every country has its own preferences and tourism strategy. To illustrate with some examples:

  • In France, evaluations are made according to the property values ​​of the hotels. Also, for some hotels, the quality of the service they offer, for example, if the hotel has a Michelin star restaurant “Palace” is used.
  • In Spain, hotels are evaluated in 17 different classification systems. So you have to be careful before comparing Madrid hotels with Barcelona hotels.
  • In Ottawa, Ottawa is assessed according to its service provision, while in Italy, Ottawa is being assessed in the framework of cleaning.