What to do against water retention?


How to fight against water retention?

Many people live with water retention problems. This may seem trivial, but on the contrary, it is certainly not something fun to live.

By making water retention, you feel constantly, bloated , swollen and you always have the impression of gaining weight. If you live with this problem, here are 10 tips against water retention.

Tips against water retention:

1. For water retention, avoid salt

Salt and water retention often come in pairs. Did you know that salt holds water in your body? So, if you have water retention, cut off the salt from your diet as soon as possible.

Avoid processed foods that often contain too much salt, including cold cuts and some cheeses. Replace the salt in your recipes with aromatic herbs, garlic or onion, as well as spices.

Your dishes will be equally tasty thanks to aromatic herbs while being better for your health.

2. Drink plenty of water to eliminate even more!

It may seem counterproductive, but the more water you drink, the more you’ll eliminate! Start your day with a large glass of water at room temperature to gently wake up your digestive system.

Then, make a habit of drinking water throughout the day.

If drinking water is boring for you, know that you can also substitute water for green tea, or flavor your water with fresh fruit.

3. Feeding against water retention

In order to help your body eliminate excess water, you must also think about improving your diet. Whole grain flour, fruits, vegetables, fish and white meats, that’s what would be worth considering to fight against water retention!

Also, consider consuming more quality protein because a protein deficiency can exacerbate your water retention problem. Indeed, in the presence of a protein deficiency, the water will tend to move towards the most nutritious parts of your body, including the legs and the abdomen.

Food intolerance and water retention

Some food intolerances could be the cause of your water retention. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor to investigate the source of your water retention problem.

4. Coffee and water retention

Coffee would contribute to water retention problems. So think of reducing your coffee consumption, limiting yourself to one cup a day, or by opting for a substitute including chicory. Here are other coffee substitutes that might interest you in order to fight against water retention:

  • Yerba mate
  • Ginger juice
  • Chai tea

5. Retention of water and alcohol

Just like coffee, alcohol can create problems with water retention and of course many other health problems. Limit yourself to one or two drinks, and if possible, do not drink alcohol every day.

In addition, there are excellent recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as non-alcoholic sparkling ciders that can replace alcohol-free versions. So if you already have problems with water retention, it is better to avoid alcohol simply. Who said that soft drinks prevented you from feeling festive?

6. Elevate the legs to fight against water retention

Do you feel your legs heavy and swollen? As often as possible, consider raising your legs when sitting or lying down. A little trick to control the water retention in your extremities.

Other tips that may help relieve the symptoms of fluid retention: Do not wear clothes or socks that are too tight. By compressing your body, these clothes also cut off your blood circulation, which contributes to water retention in the legs and feet.

7. Cool off to relieve water retention

Here is another tip to relieve the symptoms of water retention: footbathing or showering with fresh water on the legs. Cold water will help you feel better with water retention, especially in hot weather.

On hot summer days, try to stay cool. Heat often aggravates water retention problems. So avoid lying in the sun and prefer the shade of an umbrella if you often have water retention.

8. Play sports to eliminate water

Wondering what to do against water retention? Play sports! By moving, you will activate your blood circulation, you will sweat and thus, you will eliminate a maximum of water! Find a physical activity you like, and put it into your daily schedule.

It can be brisk walking, jogging, cycling and even swimming. And if you prefer contemplative activities, why not consider hot yoga? You would be surprised how much water you could lose!

9. Drink herbal teas against water retention

Wondering what to take against water retention? Choose herbal teas! Several herbal teas are known to help combat water retention, including cherry teas. Here are some others:

  • Herbal tea from (Meadow Sweet) plant.
  • Heather tea.
  • Nettle tea.
  • Herbal tea of ​​dandelion leaves.

Make sure to get your herbal teas from a reputable dealer where you know the products are as fresh as possible. Not sure which is the best herbal tea for water retention? Do not hesitate to consult an herbalist or a naturopath to guide you in your choice. These specialists could also direct you to homeopathic products, which are sometimes easier to take than herbal teas.

In addition, it may be wise to discuss this with your doctor, especially if you do not know what is causing your fluid retention. Also, some plants are discouraged with prescription drugs. So, be careful!


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