Tricycle Motorized Drift in 8 Steps


Tricycle motorized Drift !!! (6/8 steps)

Step 6: Wheel configuration,

Tricycle motorized Drift

The used wheels were 10 inches in diameter and had a 16mm bore.

They have been attached to the nut bolt nuts on each side extremely hard down.

Wheel Hubs

To be able to drift, the rubber wheels must be plastic sleeves

At first I was unable to find the right PVC, so I was originally using wheels huffy slider open sky.

Then I picked up a cut off of 225mm PVC for $ 30, which is a lot slippery.

How to get sleeves on wheels

1. deflate the wheels
2. force sleeve on tire (outgoing tire wear, flat ect screwdriver)
3. inflate the tire

Sleeves of the cut

In my opinion, the best way to cut sleeves uses a corner grinder.

1. Angle grinder bench clamp
2. Lift PVC and pass the cutting blade
(see photo)

This extremely fine product dust be careful!