Tricycle Motorized Drift in 8 Steps


Tricycle motorized Drift !!! (2/8 steps)

Step 2: Parts List

I split the parts where I bought themBunnings

1 x m16 threaded rod (usually found nuts and bolts, length is about 1 m
10 x m16 nuts
2 x 1m steel length 30x30mm stock
1 x 1m 20mm steel angle length

Various nuts and bolts


Bike engine 1 x 49cc pocket with clutch (eBay), known as a cage engine
1 x muffler Pocket bike
pinion gear 1 x 7 h 25
pinion gear 1 x 62 h 25
chain 1 x 25h


Bearing Bearing Bearing Bearing 2 x 16mm

I could find a few things around the house including fuel tank, chain tensioner and fuel line