Tricycle Motorized Drift in 8 Steps


Tricycle motorized Drift !!! (1/8 steps)

Step 1: History

Tricycle motorized Drift

Drift Trikes are tricycles that have slick back wheels, normally made of a hard plastic material. They are usually mounted on paved roads with a steep downhill and some corners. Smooth roads are preferred to tarred roads of coarse chips as coarse surfaces tend to wear the rear wheels faster.

Riders enjoy the momentum by gravity, although some drifting trikes have pedals. Pedals are useful for slow speed-riding, but are of no use at high speed. Drift trikes can reach speeds of up to 90km / h, but the normal operating speed is between 25 and 65km / h.


Drift trikes came along the way, one of the first trikes mass produced the Huffy slider as shown in the picture.

Many people upgrade the huffy sliders where some build to scratch. In this instructable I will be using the front end of the sleeve and a bolt pressing the rear end of motor .

Most parts can be bought purchased the hardware and the rest of eBay.