How to take great pictures with an iPhone


Most of us wear a smartphone with us everywhere these days, so it’s important to know how to use your smartphone to take excellent pictures! I’ve only had a smartphone for a few years and I liked to have a decent camera to document things I did or take fast pictures to remember something I saw I want to recreate.

I am always supportive of using a real camera for my instructable, but I would not use the camera on my iPhone to take beautiful pictures of my embroideries to share on Instagram and publish items on Etsy. 🙂

I will focus mainly on the iPhone, photography tips since this is the smartphone I own, but multiple of these points can be used for Android devices as well. : D

If you’re more engrossed in reading how to improve your iPhone photos, examine out my primary photo editing instructable.

(P.S. Did you recognize that iPhones are the greatest camera on Flick?) Pretty nuts! If you keep snapping you can see tons of examples of astonishing iPhone photography and lots of terrific selfies.)

For the majority of my pictures of the iPhone, I use three applications:

Afterlight ($ 0.99)
Camera + ($ 1.99)
Instasize (free!)
Camera + replaced the normal camera application for me – it has more options, including an image stabilization function that currently lacks for the default camera app on iPhone 4S / 5C. It has loads of options to enhance your photos, but it’s also great to use without making any adjustments.

Afterlight is ideal for photo retouching! I use it for cropping, adjusting light and colors and also for adding structures. The app also has a fantastic set of refining that is usable – they do not make grainy, and new pictures like Instagram do.

Instasize is a great way to post complete photos on Instagram and social media without them cropping in a square. So many times I take pictures, and their way of seeing the love and I do not want their cropping butcher – and this is a perfect solution! As an bonus, you can choose the color of the borders around the photo, but I tend to stick with white. 🙂

Free photo editors (and great!):

Pixlr Express
Adobe Photoshop Express
Pixlr and Photoshop Express can create very pretty and well-modified photos. I did not notice any problems with the pixelation when the images are blown. : D

Lately is not so full-featured, but it’s beautiful to add a little mood and polish to portraits – it’s just a collection of really beautiful film filters.

If you want to add text to your photos, I recommend using one of these applications:

A good mess ($ 0.99)
Drawings by Roly ($ 1.99)
Typic + ($ 0.99)
The only major disadvantage here is that most text editing applications were cropping square as default value and may be a little awkward to use.

A nice mess also has a tough time processing modified photos – I find that when I sound the picture up, it’s quite pixelated. But if you use it just for Instagram, it might work fine for you!

Floors + also has a free version with fewer options if you want to try before you buy. 🙂