Successful painting of walls, 10 practical tips

Successful painting of walls

It is easy to paint the walls …

When we decide to tackle the painting of a room in our house ourselves, we must follow some basic rules to do a good job.

It is not always easy to paint and you often have to be patient, especially when there is a lot of cutting to do. So here are some tips for successfully painting your walls.

1. Use quality paint for wallsSuccessful painting of walls

Quality paints will be more expensive, but they will give better results. Make sure your paint covers well, whether it is washable, taut and has a good whiteness.

2. Have the right tools to paint

Successful painting of walls

It will be important to invest for good brushes with quality bristles. The handles should be solid and the brush should not lose its hairs. Also have good rollers for easier work. Provide cages for rollers, a stool, paint masking tape for cutting, towels, purlins and canvases to protect furniture and floors.

3. Paint the moldings

Depending on the desired effect, you can paint the moldings of the same color as your walls or leave them white to bring a beautiful cut and a beautiful definition to the final result.

4. Apply a primer on your walls

The bottom layer will have to protect your walls well. Also, it will be a good way to remove the traces of the old paint so that your new painting is successful.

5. Properly carving the paint

You can use paint masking tape to do your cutting without exceeding. You put it everywhere, even for the ceiling. Alternatively, you can also use a high-quality brush with angled hairs to allow for better cutting. Go slowly, from left to right, in a continuous movement.

6. Always apply at least two coats of paint

If only one coat is applied, the paint may not be uniform. You may see white traces and the color will not be at its best. This is why it is very important to apply several layers so that the paint is at its best.

7. Choose a matt or satin paint

Successful painting of walls

The matt paint will not retain the light and will be effective for a cozy atmosphere. It will camouflage well the imperfections, but will be alas more difficult to clean. Satin paint, as good as it is, will be good for rooms with brighter atmospheres. It will hold the light well and will be easy to clean.

8. Always start with ceiling paint

Successful painting of walls

When you are about to paint a room, it is important to always start by painting the ceiling. So, if drops of paint fall, they will not spoil the beautiful work you did for the walls.

9. Cutting before painting the walls

It will be easier for you to start by doing the cutting and then continue with painting the walls. When making the cut, make wide strokes so that it is easier then with the roller. You do the cutting with a brush and painting the walls with a roller.

10. Properly paint with roller

Successful painting of walls

Always use a new roller and in good condition. It must not have holes, tears or loose pieces. Put the paint in the paint breakdown and roll the roller into the tank. Then roll your roll over the dented part to remove excess paint. When painting the walls, keep constant pressure on your roller. Also, you can make movements so “M” to cover the walls well.



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