Strolling a dog, 10 Tips for a nice walk

Strolling a dog, 10 Tips for nice walk

Do not forget to walk your dog every day

Dogs are excellent pets and of course they require all kinds of care, including several steps per day.

So, if you have a dog, be prepared to go out every day so that he can go play and do his needs. You are not used to this routine and would like to know more? So here are 10 Tips to walk a dog!

1. Bicycling with your dog

Strolling a dog, 10 Tips for a nice walk

If your dog is obedient, calm, active and does not continually pull on his leash, you can walk around by bicycle. So, you can go a little faster, your dog will be able to run and you will change your routines. Be careful not to exhaust the dog. This will have to be a short bike ride and breaks will be needed.

2. A walk without a leash

If your dog is obedient and you are for example in a wooded or on a large private lot, you could let your dog walk around without a leash. He will greatly appreciate this little moment of freedom with you.

3. Never pull the leash

Strolling a dog, 10 Tips for a nice walk

You must of course guide the dog and keep control, but avoid shooting hard on his leash. It’s aggressive for the dog and you could even hurt him.

4. Leave the dog to his dog

Strolling a dog, 10 Tips for a nice walk

If you cannot walk the dog without a leash, you can still have a big leash that will leave him more room to play and walk at his leisure.

5. Bringing toys

Bullets or Frisbees will be greatly appreciated by the dog! So, you can have fun and exercise.

6. Pay attention to physical injuries

If you have a big, strong, strong dog and it pulls a lot, you could injure your back and even your feet. Same thing for your wrists. Avoid keeping the leash too tight on these to prevent injury.

7. Bring bags for the needs of the dog

Do not forget that you will be required to pick up your dog’s needs! So be equipped accordingly by bringing at least small bags.

8. Make him take the stairs

Going up and down stairs will also be a good exercise for him.

9. Play with other dogs

Strolling a dog, 10 Tips for a nice walk

If he is sociable and used to the presence of other animals, do not hesitate to have him run with other dogs at the park.

10. Bringing your dog into nature

Your dog will be very happy to leave the city to enjoy the beauties of nature!



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