How to stop a dog from barking?


How to prevent a dog from barking?

It is quite normal for a dog to bark. Several reasons can cause him to bark, but of course, a dog that lives with people cannot bark constantly. A dog that barks at people repeatedly is not pleasant, quite the contrary.

If you have a dog that barks often and easily, you can read these 10 tips that we offer to remedy the situation as much as possible.

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If not, here are all our stuff to stop a dog from japer:

 1. Accustom the dog to people


How do you prevent a dog from barking if it is never in contact with people other than you and your little family? One who barks less is necessarily a social dog not?

An unsociable dog and unaccustomed to being with people may bark more when strangers or people will be close to him or the house. To avoid always destabilizing your dog whenever there is a visit or whenever you go to the park, get used to it young and quickly to be with other people. Your dog will thus be less inclined to bark then on people.

2. A dog collar that barks

Of course, if you live in town or even neighbors are starting to lose patience a barking dog collar is perhaps the solution.

3. Reward your dog to prevent it from barking

Why not reward his dog when he listens to his master? The reward is a necessary evil to succeed in properly training his dog.

If you reward your dog when it hears you and stops barking, then it will be much more likely to stop barking quickly and without waiting for orders. When talking about reward you must of course offer something attractive to the dog and not something that he used to have and see.

To succeed in training his dog and prevent him from overly barking the cookies, treats, hugs and toys can be a good idea of ​​rewards.

4. Working the dog obedience japer


The more obedient your dog will be, the easier it will be to silence it. With a single word or a single gesture your dog will obey you and it will stop barking. So before preventing his dog from barking on people it is better to take a course of training and training with his pet.

There are also gadgets for dog training that can be effective in stopping a dog from barking always and to stop other bad habits. For example, there is the clicker and whistle that can help to train his dog and prevent his dog from barking.

5. One word to stop him from yelping

A dog that barks a lot on people should not be reprimanding using different words and gestures at each of the interventions. If you want it to be really effective and the dog stops barking quickly then you have to be clear and concise.

So, when a dog barks a lot get into the habit of always using the same words or words to stop barking. It could be the word SILENCE, for example. You should soon see an improvement after a few days.

6. Anti-ultrasonic barking


Did you know that there was also an anti-barking system that works with ultrasound?

If your dog spends a lot of time outside the house on the ground and he plays a lot an ultrasound device can be a good solution. Here is an ultrasonic barking model for the interior and exterior of the house to train his dog to stop barking.


7. Speak in a low voice to your dog

When your dog barks and barks too loudly and tells him the word you have chosen (eg SILENCE), say it in a low voice. Because first, your dog is not deaf. Then he will pay more attention to what you say if you say it calmly and in a low voice precisely.

Finally, if you do not have the choice to demonstrate more authority by raising the voice, you can do so. Be careful not to talk aggressively. Then a calm, low voice and full control is very important to warn a dog not to bark.

8. Ignore the dog when he barks

You can try the approach of clearly saying the word SILENCE to your dog and immediately ignore it. This is generally effective for dogs that bark too easily and often for little.

Ignoring his dog when barking is therefore a good idea provided your neighbors are not too close to your house! Otherwise you may have problems with your dog and now with your neighbors, so be careful with the trick of ignoring his dog when he barks.

9. Surprising the dog

Always after you have said SILENCE or the anti-barking word of your choice, you can also whistle or throw something close to him in order to surprise him. He will instantly cease barking by surprise.

Be careful not to make your dog stressed because of the object you are throwing him near him. After a few days if nothing changes and your dog continues to yawn a lot then try another one of our stuff or turn to the side of the dressing collars.

10. Anticipate your dog’s barking

To stop a dog from barking again it is necessary to know what causes and situations that cause the dog to bark. So be careful to prevent the times when your dog will start barking. As soon as he is about to do so, tell him immediately not to do it SILENCE.





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