Shaving with a Double Edged Shaver and Less Shaving Soap


Shaving with an old-fashioned double-edged razor, shaving soap and a shaving brush will provide a much nicer experience than using a cartridge razor and canned goo. Cartridge shavers are, rudely, a marketing scam to increase profits (have you started getting suspicious around the blades of the fourth?). They do not work better than other methods, and the cost of cartridges is outrageous. Meanwhile, you can buy 100 high-quality double-edged blades for $ 18, which could in recent years. Meanwhile, 12 cartridges of five blades will cost you about $ 40. Cartridges often lead to irritation and ingrown hairs because the first blade pulls the hair before the other cut This can lead to hair to cut below the surface of the skin, causing the ingrown hairs. Having only one blade prevents this, and using water-based shaving foam is nice and soothing.