Saving gas in your car

Saving gas

How to reduce fuel consumption?

Nowadays, gasoline for his car is unfortunately expensive. Impossible to shop or negotiate, you simply have to accept the situation and live with the oil prices.

On the other hand, it is possible to control its fuel consumption and thus considerably reduce its fuel consumption. Here are 10 tips and tricks to save gas in your car.

Speed ​​and fuel consumption

Saving gas

The faster you drive, the more fuel your engine uses. To save fuel, it is better to ride slowly, avoid unnecessary speed and above all accelerate gradually in order to greatly reduce fuel consumption.

Avoiding unnecessary detours

Saving gas

To save on gasoline, it’s better to get straight to the point rather than unnecessarily rolling around. The fuel goes down quickly into the tank so if you drive here and there for no reason, you will quickly lose your essence.

When you go out to make commis by car, why not plan all your trips and the best route to avoid wasting your time on the road and especially avoid spending fuel unnecessarily.

Do not accelerate too fast

When you stop your car at a red madman or at a stop for example, it is better to move quietly then rather than start at full speed. Thus, the engine will force much less and it will also be better for your fuel economy.

A simple trick to follow to significantly reduce fuel consumption efficiently.

Carpooling to reduce consumption

Nowadays gasoline is extremely expensive! To save fuel, why not opt ​​for carpooling when possible? By carpooling, you will save on gasoline. This way, you can also share fuel costs with others, which is very interesting at a time when the cost of oil is high.

Pay attention to tire pressure

tire pressure

It is very important to regularly check the pressure of your tires. Tires provide rolling resistance on the road depending on the ground contact surface. Reducing this surface improves the bearing and therefore saves on the gasoline used in the car.

The simple fact of driving with tires that lacks air can increase fuel consumption by 5 to 10{3b0592fd471b03563404edc41bb2ddfccb4aad0360f486242a1ee9a8d57e3ce8}, it’s huge!

Fuel up rather than repeatedly gas

Often, we prefer to save money by putting only a small portion of gasoline at a time in our car. We think so saving, but in fact, this essence disappears so fast that you are caught going back there several times a week. At $ 10, for example, the bill rises faster than you think. Not to mention the time and gas you take to make a detour to the gas station. Filling up is therefore preferable if you want to save fuel in the short term.

Putting gasoline in the region

If you live close to the areas surrounding the city or if you are going to walk around it, it is better to think about refueling there since very often gasoline will be cheaper there.

Buy a cheap car

There are more and more cars with high fuel economy sold on the market. Opting for a small economy car is a good option to save gasoline day after day. Cars that consume less will certainly save money because they will cost less gasoline.

Avoid using electrical accessories

Using the radio, air conditioning or even turning on the lights unnecessarily decreases the gasoline you have. Avoiding them therefore proves to be a good option to save gas. If it’s not too hot, for example, why not just open the windows instead of using the air conditioning that will increase your gas mileage?

Driving a Hybrid Car

Saving gas

Driving a hybrid car is another good way to save fuel with its car. The hybrid car consumes very little gasoline since it also works with a battery. In addition to protecting the environment, you will save on gasoline which represents two advantages offered by a single car.

Moreover, in 2015 and in the coming years the choice of hybrid cars increases considerably offering you the opportunity to buy a car that will meet your needs.



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