Remove a Honeycomb: How to Destroy it?


Have you seen a honeycomb? What to do?

Honeycombs can be very dangerous. This is why it is important to get rid of it and the best way to do this is to call on beekeepers. It is important to preserve our bees and beekeepers will be delighted to keep these bees for their apiaries.

And obviously, there are not many solutions to get rid of a honeycomb. Here are 10 tips on the subject.

1. Use a powder bellows


Before the bees turn your house roof into a huge honeycomb it is better to flee quickly, as soon as you see them turn around the house. To do this you can use a powder bellows or simply smoke. The smoke makes it possible to quickly remove the bees.

Of course, if it is too late and the honeycomb is already in place, you have to call in a professional who can remove the nest and thus keep the bees away from your house.

2. Use a beekeeper to remove a honeycomb

You can call the beekeeper in your area to help you with the honeycomb. The service should not cost anything and the beekeeper will be delighted to be able to save the bees who will of course live in his apiary afterwards.

3. Use an anti-honey or anti-flies spray


If you have a bee that walks around the house, you can get rid of it simply by spraying it with a spray against bees or flies. However, it will not be effective enough against a nest.

4. Never throw water or objects towards the honeycombs

It is very important not to throw anything on nests or swarms of bees. You may be able to break the nest in question, but the bees will still be alive and will be angry. You may be stung!

5. A honeycomb in a Wall

If You have notice the presence of a honeycomb in a Wall it is very important to act quickly so as not to further damage the structure of the wall. You will have to remove the panels of the wall and other materials in order to be able to then extract the bees and the nest. It is best to call in a professional exterminator in your area.

6. A swarm of bees or a hive?


If you see bees making a come and go incessantly then you probably have to deal with a hive. But if you see a gathering of bees on a wall, a branch or other it is probably a swarm. After a few hours or days the bees will move away.

7. Do not move the honeycomb

If the honeycomb is located in an area away from the house and places you like to go on the ground, you can leave the nest in this place without any problem. Of course, the nest really needs to be away from your outdoor activities.

8. Calling Firefighters


Sometimes firefighters agree to lend a helping hand with large honeycombs. On the other hand, they may also refuse and redirect you to specialists. But you have nothing to lose to try! Ask and you will know.