Remove the cat’s hair, 10 easy stuff!



How to remove cat hair?

Having pets is really fun for all children and parents. But it is much less so when tons of hair is spreading all over the house. These cats hair stick on our clothes and worse, on those of the guests.

Also, there is a feeling of inadequate breathing and even respiratory problems. 10 Tips gives you tips and gadgets to remove the animal hair in the house.

1. Dishwashing glove for removing cat hair

If you do not want to spend money to purchase a product to remove the cat hair then the dish glove can be a good tip for you.

To remove animal hair on a carpet, sofa or clothing, simply put on dish gloves and rub the surfaces with the palm of your hand. Cat hair, but also dog hair will remain stuck on the gloves and will no longer be on your fabric surfaces.

2. Use an adhesive brush

This is a kind of roller with a handle on which is a kind of adhesive paper that holds the cat hair on. Pass the roll on your chairs, rugs or clothes in order to remove the hair of your cat, dog, rabbit, brief of your pet. You can make the purchase easily on Amazon. You will find several models of adhesive brushes to quickly remove all hair and dust.


Here is a very popular adhesive brush model online and that is great for picking up cat hair. This anti-hair and dust-proof brush is reusable and washable. No leaf to rip it just rinse with water and let it dry before re-using.

3. Use an electrostatic brush

These brushes, made of plastic, are used to remove hair that is stuck on textile surfaces. Simply pass the brush on your clothes by always using the same direction and the hair of your cat will go away quickly.

The textile brush can be used to remove hairs, hair and dust on clothing, but also on other types of textile surfaces such as sofas and carpets.


Here is the textile brush of Leaflet which allows to quickly remove the hair of cats but also the dust from on your clothes.

4. A damp cloth to remove hair

A super simple trick to quickly remove the hair of cats and dogs on a sofa is to use a damp cloth, quite simply.

Just take a damp cloth and rub it on the fabric to remove the hair of your cat or your dog. It will probably take the linen a few times to remove everything. A free, simple and really effective tip against animal hair.

A sponge too can do the trick!

If you have a sponge on hand you can also use it to quickly remove the cat hair. Simply wet the sponge and make circular movements on the garment to remove the hair of your pet. Simple and fast as a tip.

5. A large adhesive tape for animal hair

Somewhat like the operation of an adhesive roller, a thick pat may very well be used to remove the hair of a cat from clothing or other fabrics.

Wrap the large patch of brown adhesive around your hand and dab strongly your garment with the latter to make stick the cat and dog hair. It is important to pat and not rub the surface because you can make the situation worse and make it even more difficult to clean your hair and damage your garment. So be careful with this trick!


6. Ironing

Have you noticed the presence of cat hair on your shirt or your own pants? It is important to avoid the duct tape because you can damage the fabric of your own clothes.

The best anti hair and plush tip on your shirts and pants is the iron. So, iron your clothes in order to make the hairs that are on the fabric softer then easier to remove. You can easily remove the hair with your fingers after ironing.

7. Magic recipe for cat hair

To make this homemade recipe you need to fill a sprayer with equal parts of water and fabric softener. After a test, spray the mixture all over the surface, for example on your sofa and rub with an antistatic cloth.

A great way to easily pick up all cat and dog hair and to give off a fresh smell in the house. Simple, fast and efficient, a trick as you like them!

8. Use a used sticky stocking

The sticky stocking is another home stuff that you can use to quickly remove all the hair from your pet.

Simply grab a used stocking and rub your fabric surfaces with it to make it easier to remove the hair from your little ones. A small free trick that works well to remove hair on sofas and carpets.

9. Brush your cat’s hair

If you get into the habit of brushing your cat or dog’s hair, it is less likely to lose hair. So rather than removing the hair on your clothes, your floors and your furniture regularly brush your pet simply.




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