Redness in the face, 10 tips to know

Redness in the face

You have the cheeks, the nose and the red forehead?

Rashes in the face can be caused by several things. But very often, it will be linked to what is called coupe rose. These are actually small burst vessels in the face. You will have cheeks, nose and forehead rather red.

Although they are visible to the naked eye, it is nevertheless possible to attenuate, or even treat, these symptoms related to rosacea. Here are 10 tips to understand and avoid redness in the face

1. Some problematic factors

It should be noted that factors such as stress, fatigue or even temperature can lead to cooperies and therefore redness to the face.

2. The hormones to consider

Redness in the face

Hormones also play a role in these redness on the face. Hormonal changes such as pregnancy or menopause can result in rosacea.

3. Red moisturizing cream

Redness in the face

The skin is very fragile and so it must be hydrated every day. But be careful to use a moisturizing cream without perfume or odor.

4. Laser treatment

Redness in the face

Some laser treatments will be good to treat temporarily (2 or 3 years) this problem of facial redness.

5. Avoid redness on face in winter

When it is cold, the skin tends to take even more redness. This is the case for everyone else, and to remedy this, you can drink an infusion of chamomile. This will be soothing and anti-inflammatory.

6. Redness in the face? Flowers of mauve …

Boil some mauve flowers in water for 15 minutes. Remove from heat, wait 20 minutes and filter. You will have an excellent lotion to alleviate the redness of the face.

7. Sweet almond and green cypress

Mix 2 teaspoons of sweet almond oil and 6 drops of green cypress essential oil. For a week, massage your cheeks or other parts of the face with redness with this oil. Your blood vessels will contract and soften your redness in the face.

8. Apply some free or compact powder

Redness in the face

Turning to make-up is of course another way to hide the redness that one has in the face. Simply apply a little free or compact powder to your entire face.

9. Leek for redness in the face

Boil a leek and collect the water. Mix it with a little whey and apply this lotion morning and evening on your face.

10. Using a potato

Apply slices of potato to your face for a few minutes and rinse. The potato contains among other things niacin, which is actually a natural lightening of the skin.