6 Reasons Why You Often Wake Up While You Sleep Soundly

6 Reasons Why You Often Wake Up While You Sleep Soundly

6 Reasons Why You Often Wake Up While You Sleep Soundly

Healthy sleep is an important foundation of health and body vitality. But in fact, sometimes the process of sleep does not always run smoothly. There are times when you experience insomnia, there are also times when you often wake up while you are sleeping soundly.

According to research quoted from thehealthsite.com, intermittent sleep can make you easy to experience depression, fatigue, and confusion. Approximately, what the heck that causes you often wake up while sleeping?

Caffeine Consumption Caffeine takes time to digest for 5-6 hours. This means that if you drink coffee at 7 pm, then you can just sleep soundly at around 12 at night. This is what then explains why you often wake up during sleep if you previously drank coffee.

Alcohol consumption Alcohol can also negatively impact your sleep quality. Avoid drinking alcohol before bed so that the effects of alcohol do not make you easy to wake up during sleep.

Stress, unhealthy thoughts, and anxiety also contribute to decreasing the quality of your sleep. Therefore, relieve stress and all negative thoughts in order not to make you easily awake during sleep.

The lack of tryptophan in the body
Tryptophan is an important amino acid to produce serotonin and melatonin, the hormone responsible for maintaining sleep quality. When your body lacks this substance, then surely you can not sleep soundly.

Uncomfortable Mattress
Sometimes the mattress and other bedding you use can also affect the quality of your sleep. Therefore choose a comfortable sleeping kit to use so you do not often wake up at night.

Health problems
Some health problems or diseases that you can also interrupt sleep quality. Some examples are diabetes, chronic kidney disease, to hyperthyroidism.


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