Raspberry Pi Torrent, Samba and DLNA With The Hard Disks

Connecting the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Torrent, Samba and DLNA With The Hard Disks of 3 +

Raspberry Pi Torrent With The Hard Disks

There are many Raspberry Pi guides out there that helps you turn your Pi into a server that supports torrents downloading and sharing files via Samba and DLNA. However, they all have one major flaw: only support one hard drive. In this instructables, I will help you install Transmission, Samba and miniDLNA on your pro forma raspberry bill to support the hard drives as much as you want (as long as there is enough power)

List of required components:
1. raspberry Pi model B for internet access
2. USB hub powered
http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Brand-new-USB-2-0-HUB- Powered-7-Port-High-speed-AC-Adapter-Cable- / 251280391263? Pt = AU_Laptop_Accessories & hash = item3a817a7c5f & _uhb = 1
3. power supply with 3-4 a
http://www.ebay.com.au/itm / 5V-AC-Power-Supply-Charger Adapter-for-D-Link DUB-H7-DUBH7-Hub-5V-3A-5-5-2-5- / 181291153550? pt = & hash = AU_Laptop_Accessories item2a35cb788e & _uhb = 1
4 (Optional) USB WiFi dongle. Guides on setting up the Wi-Fi dongle are abundant. You can do this with the command line via SSH or from the GUI.