Pickled Mussels


What would our lives be without the snacks? cervecita or vermouth, olives, some cockles with lemon and pepper, or these pickled mussels made by ourselves.

They are easy to make, you just need to pay attention to buy some good mussels and spend a little time. They last for days in the fridge to make minced.

And now that the good weather is approaching (we will not say it very loud just in case), the desire to prepare quick things or that can be planned in advance to leave home and enjoy the solete begins.


2 kilos of mussels

1 lemon

White wine

1 bay leaf

1 glass (type nocilla) of olive oil

1 glass (the same) of white vinegar

3 bay leaves

3 garlic

1 spoon of paprika from La Vera La Chinata

10 balls pepper


The first thing we are going to do is cook the steamed mussels. For this we clean them well of dirt in the shell with water and remove the whiskers.

We put them in a pot, with a lemon divided into quarters and squeezed with the hand and a bay leaf.

We take a good stream of white wine and put them over medium-high heat. As soon as they boil, we leave them for 8 minutes.

Once ready and tempered so as not to burn, we will remove them one by one from their shell and arrange them in a glass taper with a couple of tablespoons of the cooking water. In this way we will prevent them from drying out.

In a small saucepan or pan, put the oil with the pepper balls and the garlic cut into slices (neither thin nor thick).

Put on medium-low heat, about 10 minutes. It has to be confined, not burned.

Remove from the heat and add the paprika, stir well.

Next we add the vinegar and mix well.

We pour it into the tupper where we have the mussels, and cut the bay leaves into four pieces, putting them in as well. We stir well so that everything is uniform.

We chill at room temperature and let stand at least 12 hours in the refrigerator.

Ready to be devoured!

** Note

The broth that results when you cook the steamed mussels, if you strain it you can use it in any stew with fish. It is divine.

There are many pickle recipes, depending on the taste of the person who makes them will have more vinegar flavor or less.

These carry the same proportion of oil and water, so they are strong vinegar.

I hope you enjoy them.