Ludo Star Hack That You Must Try!


A game that has crossed 1 Million downloads in a very short span of time, Ludo Star, launched by GameBerry Studios, is one of the most talked about social media application in town.

Ludo Star Game Hack

Ludo could easily be labeled as the National game of Pakistan. We all grew up playing this game. Since childhood, we have been addicted to this game. Be it a board game, or a mobile app, we all want to win it.

Ludo Star Game Hack

Getting 6s on the right time is very important, but it is not that easy to get what you desire. The Pakistani Awaam is very good at finding tricks and hacks, or maybe “Jugaars” to fulfill their desires.

The Easiest And The Coolest Way To Get A Confirmed 6 In Ludo Star Is To Play With The Counter.

A YouTube user, apparently a Ludo Star wizard, has shared a Ludo Star trick which allows you to get a SIX every time you play the game.

  1. Wait till the clock reaches 12:15 Ludo Star Game Hack
  2. Press the dice the second it reaches 12:15 Ludo Star Game Hack
  3. There are 90{3b0592fd471b03563404edc41bb2ddfccb4aad0360f486242a1ee9a8d57e3ce8} chances that you get a 6 or a higher number on the dice Ludo Star Game Hack

Watch The Full Video Here On One Of The Secret Hacks Of Ludo Star!

So are you ready to win your next game?

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