Top 10 Sites To Listen Music Online

Tip of the day Listen to music online 10 sites to discover

There are many online music sites!

If you like music and want to listen to it online, be aware that there are several good (legal) sites available on the web.

So you can find all the songs, bands and performers you want! You are ready? So here are 10 tips for listening to music online !


Of course, YouTube is one of the most popular music sites on the planet! You can actually watch all the music videos you want and more!

2. 8tracks

Based on the music sharing of users who count 8 song titles! A good way to listen to music online, but especially to discover new musical artists.

3. Aupeo – online music station

120 stations of all musical styles! You can also download the mobile app to listen to music wherever you go!

4. GrooveShark

All kinds of free music online, at your fingertips. You must subscribe to be able to rate the songs you like or not.

5. Last.FM to create your music station

You can listen to various music stations and even create your own! A good way to listen only to the music you like!

6. Shuffler.FM

Music, photos and other information about your favorite artists!

7. Songza

A site where you can find music according to your mood. Application also available for your smartphone! Without a doubt one of the best sites to listen to music online for free.

8. Deezer

35 million titles and the ability to create your own playlists! Another site and application to install right now on your phone to listen to all the music you want.

9. Spotify

You can find millions of songs! Simple to use and diversified for all tastes! Spotify is one of the most popular online music sites in recent months.

10. MusicMe

You can listen to good music for free while downloading legally! trick to listen to music online