Light box photography tent


If you are a passionate photographer, you probably

I tried some lightning techniques before. One of the most common tools that produces photographers use is the tent of photography that we will do in this project.

For 2D-design we will use Inkscape because it’s free and easy to use software (you can download from: We will also use BoxMaker ( to design our tent box. Then the pieces will be cut using a CNC machine (we used wood MDF)

Note: This project was made by (Jafar Alobaid) in Dhahran FAB LAB

Step 1: Requirements
• Wood MDF (thickness 12mm)

• Vinyl paper

• Conduits and black ribbon

• 3 natural light led the bulbs (or any other solution)

• paper scalpel or craft knife

• Tracing paper

You will also need:

CNC machine.