LEGO iPhone Camera


Be the party life when you start taking real pictures with a Lego camera !!! In reality, it's just a case for an iPhone 4, but the iPhone 4 is a very capable photo taker and its small footprint makes it ideal for serving the guts of this Lego camera.

Difficulty level: easy
Approximate Mounting Time: 30-45 minutes

This model features an ornamental lens of a wheel, a viewfinder and a false trigger. As you can see on the front of the camera, there is an opening for the actual lens of the iPhone. The rear of the camera has a wide aperture that allows you to access the home button and the surface of any touch of the phone. An important feature of convenience is the hinged door on the fo side the camera which allows easy insertion and removal of the phone. While the volume knobs and lock are not accessible when the phone is in the case, I can easily lock the phone by opening the side door and gently pressing the phone inward so that the lock button s' Leans against the opposite wall of the Lego affair.

For this instructable, I have included a photo of the construction of each layer of the case with the parts required for each step. I also provided a complete list of the parts used to build this camera at the end of this instructable.

Please leave as questions or comments about how this instructable could be improved.

I hope you enjoy this project!