5 Jobs That Can Threaten Male Reproductive Health

5 Jobs that can threaten male reproductive health

5 Jobs That Can Threaten Male Reproductive Health

Usefulsharing.com – There are many factors that could damage the health of the male reproductive system. Like wearing underwear that is too tight or often laps.

A study that was launched from thehealthsite.com also found that there are several professions that threaten the health of male reproduction. Anything?

1. Taxi or truck drivers

Usefulsharing.com – According to a study published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine 1996, taxi drivers showed that the prevalence of normal sperm forms of lower quality. And this rate of decline is decreasing when someone spends longer while running this profession.

2. Submarine

Usefulsharing.com – A study in 2004 on Human Reproduction, also revealed that the military personnel, especially those who had worked on nuclear-powered submarines have the higher risk for infertility. One of the main causes is the heat generated inside the submarine.

3. Welder

Usefulsharing.com – The welder is also at high risk for infertility naturally. This is due to exposure to hot temperatures that occur during continuous. Especially if you spend a lot of time to work outdoors.

4. Cyclist

Usefulsharing.com – You are fond of riding a motorcycle or bicycle wind? If yes, make sure you do it no more than 5 hours a week. The reason, this behavior will reduce the level of sperm concentration. So that fertility will be disrupted.

5. Coach or sports athlete

ATHLETES – Athletes, especially long-distance runners, are also at high risk for infertility. The reason, this exercise can reduce testosterone levels and increase scrotal temperature that adversely affects sperm production.

The same is true for those who spend a lot of time on a treadmill.

So, that’s some examples of work that can increase the risk of male infertility. Therefore, be careful.