How To Make Sandals

How To Make Sandals

How To Make Sandals

Want a new pair of sandals for the summer?

If you do not want to spend a lot of money buying brand new sandals, why not make some yourself?

This is another wonderful DIY idea from the blog A Beautiful Mess. So what are you waiting to get your olaker soles to make a pair of fashionable and comfortable sandals for your little outings this summer!

Photos and steps to create your sandals

Here is the material needed to create your sandals:

. 2 old sneaker soles (you can also buy new soles)

. durable fabric or faux leather

. embroidery thread

. velcro

. super glue

How To Make Sandals

Create a pattern with cardboard to start. Once you have the right size for your sandals, use the cardboard pattern to cut your pieces of fabric and or leather. 

Make sandals

Now you have to embroider and glue the pieces of fabric to make your pair of sandals.

How To Make Sandals

Here is the final result! Admit that the model of sandals is still very pretty!

How To Make Sandals