How to Make a Woman Happy?


How to please her girlfriend?

It’s so easy to please a woman. A simple thought, a simple gesture, a tiny surprise or a little special activity will make your wife so joyful and so amazed.

If done with heart and sincerity, it will be the best gift of the world for your girlfriend, no matter what it really is! So here are some ideas to please a woman.

10 Tips and Tricks for how to make a woman happy :

1. Offer a surprise for his girlfriend

Women like to know that we think of it. It takes very little dear gentlemen to please a woman. A little thought is enough! A little message of love, a phone call, a big hug, a pretty rose, a helping hand in the house, a breakfast in bed … In short, something simple that she does not expect Will make her a full woman!

2. Offer her a beautiful dress or jewel

It is not the material aspect of the thing that gives pleasure, it is the romantic side. Women have always found it romantic that a man offers them a dress or a jewel. No need for it to cost a fortune! Bring her shopping and give her the opportunity to choose a dress or a gem. She’ll be all excited! If not, offer him in surprise, and this, in a nice gift package.

3. Cooking to please her darling

It is charming to see a man cook! Impress your sweet-half and cook a good dish with a good wine and candles! It will be so romantic! Also, a restaurant outing is always appreciated. Madame can put on beautiful and go out to eat in a beautiful restaurant. This makes it possible to unhook and get pampered. What a good idea to please her girlfriend !

4. Relaxation as a surprise for his girlfriend

Women love to be pampered! Why not take care of her for a while? Install it comfortably and gently massage it from head to toe. If you do not feel up to the task of massage, go with her to a spa and offer her a real massage and some beauty treatments, why not?

5. Offer a day off

To offer a day off to your sweet-half, you will have to organize yourself so that it has nothing to do. So take care of the household and the commissions and prepare a small feast (or order from the restaurant) and run away with the children for the day. She will be able to relax alone, quietly, throughout the day.

6. The kidnapper to surprise her

Women need adventure and escape. They need to get out of everything and just live and feel. To create a surprise for his wife, tell her that you are leaving at once. That she has only a brief moment to pack and go away, both of you. You will be amazed at the joy you will offer! Go for a stay at the hotel, in the north, on a trip, no matter where. The important thing is to leave and offer a real escape.

7. Organize a romantic picnic

What’s better than a romantic picnic one-on-one on the water’s edge? Give him this little delicacy and you will enjoy together a very beautiful moment. To cherish his wife, do not forget the small bottle of wine!

8. Renovating the room of the house that she prefers

If your wife is paying special attention to the bedroom, arrange her a bedroom worthy of a princess! If she is a great cook, set her a functional kitchen and in her image. If, for example, she likes to sew, read or paint canvases, arrange her a special room just for her. Of course, you are not obliged to do heavy work to please a girl, because some decorative touches or, to arrange the space in a new way will give him joy and happiness!

9. Develop a nice outside courtyard

Women love flowers, water and the sun. If you have a yard, surprise her by adding various amenities to create a beautiful yard where she will want to have a good time. You can create flower boxes, decorate your flowerbed, add a nice swing and according to your means, a swimming pool or a spa if possible! Make it a courtyard or a terrace filled with escape.

10. Listen to a romantic movie with his wife

Listen to a love film at his side, what a great idea! Your woman may have the privilege of choosing the film she wants for your romantic evening. Shake your wife very hard to show her how much love does not exist in movies. It will be filled for so little!