Harley Quinn Bat (Suicide Squad) in Simple Steps


Harley Quinn Bat (Suicide Squad) (2/6 steps)

Step 2: 4 diamonds

Harley Quinn Bat (Suicide Squad)

Then you want to make the four blue diamonds that will pass just above where the band grip goes. Again, use the image of Kevin Smith’s daughter (who if you did not know, is also named Harley). You can see that there is a little space between this function and the last T in “good night”. You must leave this space there quotes that light up later. You have to try and eyeball this. Use the pencil first to try to find your placement of brown stripes outside.

Then you have to make the two brown bands that go outside the diamonds. Once you have placed with a pencil, use a stencil painter’s ribbon on the strips all around that piece of the bat. Use your red and black paint to get the brown color as close as possible to what you need. Then dry the paint and remove the ribbon.

Diamonds are really complicated, so take your time with them! The best idea is to start with the small red triangles that surround the diamonds first. You will have four blue diamonds, so that requires 8 small red triangles. Then, fill the blanks with the white paint. When it’s all dry, paint the blue diamonds on top of the white. Do not make diamonds touch. They have and all white vector. If you do not get the lines / edges right the first time, it’s okay. You could always go back with the color that is sitting next to it and try to re-adjust it. As I said, be patient and go slow. This will probably take longer than any further step.