Harley Quinn Bat (Suicide Squad) in Simple Steps


Harley Quinn Bat (Suicide Squad) (1/6 steps)

Step 1: Good night

Harley Quinn Bat (Suicide Squad)

First thing you want to do is the great night lettering, good in the middle. Now the best model for this to be as accurate as possible would of course be the actual bat from the movie. At first, you might worry because there really is no clear idea of it from the trailer yet. However, Kevin Smith actually bought one of the actual bats used in the film and gave his daughter as a gift. There is a picture of crying and holding. This is your best model for letters. Find this photo online and blow up when you print it, the bat in the picture is the same size as your bat. Stick to the bat so it lines up. You get the correct font and spacing in an image.

Once that is carved, paint the letters in red. After that, you can re-contour with the woodworking tool to give the letters that charcoal look. You can even burn some of the red paint too if you want to make it look more worn out.