Harley Quinn Bat (Suicide Squad) in Simple Steps

Harley Quinn Bat (Suicide Squad)

Harley Quinn Bat (Suicide Squad)

Harley Quinn Bat (Suicide Squad)

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This bat is designed after the bat prop used in the most recent film of the Suicide Squad by the fantastic and beautiful Harley Quinn / Margot Robbie. Many people seem to be making and selling them, but not many seem to be as specific as I was looking for, which is why I just reproduce to make my own.

Here’s what you’ll need:

– A white baseball bat (go on eBay to try to find one, more sports stores will only have bats with burning markings in them and if you want to make this complete you need something totally blank)

-paint red, blue, white and black

-blank ribbon handle

-Wood wood heating (optional, but recommended)

-felt black, super fine point

-Recy magician red Crayola (or some other red marker that spots easily)

Paper and ribbon