Grow Mushrooms, 10 Tips

Grow Mushrooms

Good mushrooms to accompany your favorite dishes!

Mushrooms are delicious vegetables that are much appreciated in snacks or accompaniment! Cooked or raw, they are succulent in all sorts of dishes!

If you like mushrooms to the point of growing them yourself, here are 10 tips to grow mushrooms!

1. Use potting soil for fungi

Grow Mushrooms

The potting soil will be perfect to grow mushrooms in the garden or in pot.

2. Obtain a substrate

Depending on the type of mushroom you choose, you will need a substrate. It is a combinations of mushroom substrate and nutrients for the good growth of your mushrooms.

3. Buy mushroom growing sets

In these sets, you will have everything you need to grow your mushrooms directly! The mushrooms will grow in these bags! You can enjoy good mushrooms with your favorite supper.

4. Have a wooden crate

Grow Mushrooms

The crate will be used to grow your mushrooms. It should be 15 cm deep. You will then have to add the substrate to grow your own mushrooms.

5. Manure to dust mushrooms

For white-headed mushrooms, you will need to use compost manure for its cultivation in your garden.

6. For oyster mushrooms

Grow Mushrooms

If you want oyster mushrooms, you will need to use a white mushroom substrate to help grow.

7. A dark place for mushrooms

Your mushrooms should be grown in dark and cool places.

8. At home

If you grow your mushrooms at home, the temperature of the room should be between 12 and 15 degrees Celsius.

9. Waiting for winter

For a home culture, choose to do it during the winter because it’s too hot in the summer.

10. Moisture

Although mushrooms need fresh, the environment must still be wet to grow them.