Grow your beard, tricks and products



The beard is still this year trendy and fashionable, both in young men and older. It is enough to look around to see how many men are proudly wearing their beards.

10 Tips now offers several tips and tricks but also home recipes along with the best of the best products to quickly grow his beard

  1. Take care of your face daily

Before thinking about home recipes or other products to speed up the shaving of the beard it is important to take care of his face, and this every day. How do you want to have a beautiful and long beard if you do not take the time to thoroughly clean and exfoliate the skin of your face?

Whether it is soap, a cleansing gel, a mask or other facial treatments it is a first step to be taken to hope to grow his beard faster.

If you are looking for a quality 100{3b0592fd471b03563404edc41bb2ddfccb4aad0360f486242a1ee9a8d57e3ce8} natural facial treatment for men, why not go with Rhassoul powder? In addition to being an excellent facial cleanser you can also use it to clean the hair and even your beard.

2. Wait for the beard to grow

It is useless to buy a thousand and one products to accelerate the growth of the beard if you have none or if you have only a few hairs here and there on the face.

Patience is what you must have when you want a beautiful long beard. Depending on your facial hair you will have to wait between 4 and 8 weeks before having a beard worthy of the name. And do not forget it is very important to never shave your beard before this delay of a few weeks or months. So are patient and you will soon be rewarded!

3. An oil to grow the beard

For those who want to grow their beards faster and have a good beard, beard oil is the product par excellence. There is a large selection of beard oils now on the market. In a hairdressing salon, in supermarkets, in specialty shops or online, it is very easy to buy this specially designed care for long or short beards.


4. A 100{3b0592fd471b03563404edc41bb2ddfccb4aad0360f486242a1ee9a8d57e3ce8} natural oil for the beard

If you are looking for a 100{3b0592fd471b03563404edc41bb2ddfccb4aad0360f486242a1ee9a8d57e3ce8} natural care other than the products we find in store then castor oil is just right for you. If you want to buy a car that is a little less expensive than specialized beard oil then this castor oil is a good alternative.

5. A home recipe for the beard

If you are looking for a home recipe for beauty and shaving beard we have a very effective for you bearded! 🙂

Moreover, as you probably come from buying castor oil know that this house trick consists of this oil among others. In a container mix these ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon argon oil
  • 1 tablespoon of coconut oil
  • 1 tablespoon castor oil

Once the 3 oils are well mixed it is enough to apply it directly on the beard taking care to coat and to smooth all the hairs, at the end as much as possible.

7. Do not forget to brush your beard

Just as the hair beard also needs to be brushed and combed every day. Regular brushing of the beard helps to remove dead skin, to untangle hairs and also to stimulate the growth of the beard.

If you were to make a choice of beard brush choose a model of wild boar silk, ideal for the hairs of the beard.

6. An accelerator for the shoot of the bard

If you are looking for a miracle product then why not turn to a beard shoot accelerator? There are several types of accelerator but a very popular is the Nutri Beard + which consists of 100{3b0592fd471b03563404edc41bb2ddfccb4aad0360f486242a1ee9a8d57e3ce8} natural ingredients. It is the first accelerator to grow the beard that is made in France.





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