How to download photos, videos or stories on Instagram


The Instagram application is one of the most popular among Android users . The social network of photos is one of the most growing worldwide, having already reached 1 billion users worldwide. So it has become a popular option. The type of content that we can upload in it has evolved. We no longer only upload photos, but also upload videos or stories in it.

As usual, there are users who want to be able to download these photos, videos or Instagram stories . Therefore, below we show you the best ways to do this on your Android phone. Since as many of you know, the application itself does not give us the possibility of doing this.

Because we can not download these contents natively in the application itself, we have to resort to third-party tools for this . Luckily, there are methods available, in the form of applications. We talk about each of them individually below:

Download Instagram photos and videos

In order to download these contents, we have an application that gives us this possibility. Thanks to it we can download photos and videos that we have seen on the social network and have interested us. You may already know, that the application allows us to copy the URL of a photo or a video that has been uploaded in it. This is what we are going to use to be able to download these contents on our Android phone.

The application in question that we are going to use for it is called Instagram Video Downloader . Thanks to it we can get with these contents in a really simple way on Android. It is an application that we can download for free, although there are ads, which fortunately are not too invasive. You can download the app here:

When we have downloaded the application on our Android device, the steps to follow are really simple. We have to enter Instagram and go to the photo or video that we are interested in downloading. We have to click on the three vertical points that appear next to the photos or videos in the application . There will then be several options, of which, the one that interests us is to copy link or copy URL.

Then, when we have already copied this URL, we can leave the social network and enter this new app that we have downloaded. What we have to do there is paste this URL that we have copied . Then, the photo or video that we wanted to download on the phone will be displayed on the screen. Click on the share icon and then we get the option to download it.

In this way, we will proceed to download this content , either the photo or the video, on our Android phone. We can repeat the process as many times as we want using this application. As you can see, it is really simple to use the app on our phone, to download these videos or photos on Instagram. Thus, when we see something that interests us, we will be able to save it in a simple way in the device, so that it is not lost or if the person who has uploaded it deletes it, we still have it.

Download Instagram stories

If what interests us is downloading a story from the application, the procedure is different . So the application that we have shown in the previous section will not be useful for it. We have to use a different application on our Android phone, thanks to which to download these stories.

In this case, it is a somewhat more complicated process, because in the Stories we do not have the possibility of copying a URL . In addition, we must remember that they are available in the application for a limited time, so we have to be quick to download them on our Android phone. Luckily, there is an application for it, called StorySaver. The only thing we have to do is download it on our mobile.

It is an application whose download is free , although there are ads inside it, but do not hinder the work of downloading these contents on the phone. You can download it here:

Story Saver App — Stories & Highlights Downloader

When we have downloaded it, we simply have to access it with our Instagram account. It will show us the list of people we follow who have uploaded a story recently. Then, we simply enter the user whose story we want to download, select the History in question and click on the save button. Then it will be saved directly on our Android phone.


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