Decorate the bedroom, 10 deco tricks


Deco ideas for the bedroom

Do you want to modernize the decor of your bedroom but are lacking in inspiration? Know that there are hundreds of decorating ideas.

So I suggest you 10 simple tricks to achieve a change of scenery in two movements three movements in your bedroom.

  1. Paint the walls of your room

Painting is probably the fastest and most economical way to make a remarkable change of scenery at a low price. You can restore your bedroom to a new look by adopting modern colors.

  1. Change bedding and accessories

Choosing new bedding and accessories that fit in with this one is a quick and affordable way to give your bedroom a new look. Affordable accessories and bedding can be found on-line or on sale at major department stores, such as Bouclair, for a low-cost decor.

  1. Place a gigantic rug

If you cannot change the flooring if you are a tenant, you can give a youthful look to your bedroom floor simply by adding a large area rug to your décor. A way to keep your feet warm from getting out of bed and energizing the atmosphere.

  1. Upgrade window trim

Vertical blinds have definitely lost the decorative edge. Replace yours with up-to-date hangings with a complementary tie rod. The curtains touching the floor give a luxurious atmosphere while adding privacy to your room.

  1. Put their plants

Some large healthy plants arranged here and there in the bedroom will bring life while oxygenating the ambient air. Low cost, you can also transport them quickly in another room if you feel like it.

  1. Make a brick or stone wall

Although this type of project is relatively expensive, it is quite simple to realize and will transform a banal room into a true four-star hotel suite. A stone or brick wall adds a lot of heat but also value to your home.

  1. Repaint furniture

If you cannot refurbish your home, you can always give your bedroom a fresh look by painting the furniture, changing their hardware or adding a faux finish. A quick way to keep your furniture longer.

  1. Integrate a reading corner into your room

A comfortable armchair or a loveseat with cushions, this is an easy way to enjoy the benefits of reading. Add a lamp a stool and baskets or shelves to store your books and magazines and you have a room that is totally relaxing.

  1. Upgrade the bed (curtain or headboard)

Your old canopy bed can easily be revamped by adding curtains. If you do not have a canopy bed, you can make one with the bed plans found on the web. Otherwise, modernize your bed with a homemade headboard that you will be able to make thanks to the models found on the web.