10 Tips For your Strawberries


10 tips for your strawberries

Do you like eating good strawberries in the summer?

Strawberries are fruits that are generally appreciated by all. As a snack or dessert, it is difficult not to succumb. And what about all their health benefits!

Want to grow your strawberries yourself? So

 here are 10 tips to grow strawberries!

1. Grow strawberries in a pot

Indeed, it is very easy to grow strawberries in any container! So at home on the balcony or on the terrace, you can easily get there.

2. Choose the right variety of strawberries

Before you start planning your strawberry crop, you need to choose the variety you are interested in. Ask an expert to advise you according to your needs and preferences.

3. Lots of sun for strawberries

It is important to know that the sun is very much appreciated by strawberries. To have beautiful strawberries, it is important that they have good warm sunshine.

4. Choosing the right soil to grow strawberries

A sandy soil will be perfect for your strawberries. The latter will also be greatly cherished in soil with many organic materials.

5. Add compost to your land

Adding a little compost is always very beneficial for the strawberries you grow.

6. Dosage the compost

Coat the soil where you grow your strawberries with about 5 cm of fresh compost.

7. Plant strawberries in the spring

In March or April, you can start your preparation! It is enough that the earth is very dry and easy to work!

8. Refrigerating strawberries

If you cannot plant your strawberries at this time, wrap them in wet paper and place them in the fridge.

9. Thoroughly water strawberries

Every day strawberries must be watered at least 3 cm of water. If it gets wet, do not water them anymore.

10. Plant when the temperature is cloudy

If the sky is rather cloudy, it will be the ideal time to plant your strawberry.





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