Cracker Chocolate Covered Marshmallow



Ah, sweet summer! Summer brings to mind a lot of food for lunch and dinner – hot dogs, hamburgers, pulled pork barbecue. There are even some stereotyped summer desserts that cool the body and soothe the mind: iced lollipops, ice cream cakes, root beer floats. But among the desserts, there is a very large bed-light the more. Rare among the foods of the summer, starts more with chocolate, a food to which heat and light are unfavorable. Traditionally, cheap chocolate plates get garnished from a few puffy, burnt, oversweet marshmallows, then squeezed between bland graham crackers. Taken separately, each component can be disappointing. But when combined and grilled over the fire, they are the soul of the summer barbecue.
The instant melted chocolate is pure liquid flavor. Graham crackers are made crisp and complex from the forge of a campfire. Marshmallows transform amorphous ugly ducklings silky, graceful swans; Rivers of sweetness that permeate each last taste receptor in your tongue.

Yes, please, I would like more. Uh, “se more. ”

Even with all this, however, do you wonder … we can not do more? The se more traditional impossible … pushed? What if I want to get more in my office at work? I have a good dose of goodwill, built around the galley, but that could evaporate quickly if I started a fire on my desk.

So here’s the plan:

Acceptable graham biscuits purchased in store will be replaced by homemade honey graham biscuits pecan.
A Chocolate Brownie Accomplish fills for melted chocolate.
The whole thing will be coated in marshmallow, of which it can be toasted.
Then, for good measure, we will cover them in the chocolate. Could not hurt, right?

Tour is played! A delicious truffle is More that you can take anywhere. No need for fire! A picnic at your desk! Peace in the world, within your reach! **

So join me, friends. Join me in my quest to improve the perfect summer dessert.

* Or not, depending on how much work you want.
** wake up, you have asleep at your desk!