Cleaning the leather, 10 cleaning tips

Cleaning the leather

Cleaning technology for leather

The leather is a beautiful material. Whether on clothing, furniture or shoes, it will always be very classy to opt for leather. But as with any other matter, it is also necessary to take care of it and take care to clean it well.

Here are 10 tips, tips and products to thoroughly clean the leather.

1. Use egg white to clean leather

Cleaning the leather

Take a woolen cloth and soak it in egg white that you will be beaten in snow. Your leather will then be glossy, shiny and clean!

2. Use Marseille soap

Cleaning the leather

Wash your leather with a little Marseille soap and let it dry in the open air. Your leather will be clean and shiny, like before!

3. Use talc

If your leather is colored, take a piece of flannel and soak it in talcum powder. Rub the leather gently. Then make a paste with 2/3 of turpentine and 1/3 of soft beeswax. Apply the paste to the leather and let it dry for absolute gloss.

4. Simply use water

For smooth leathers (which do not look like velvet), you can take damp cloths to clean and remove the dust accumulated on the leather.

5. Use make-up remover and baby milk

Apply a little cleansing milk on a small clean cloth and rub your leather. Take another clean cloth, soak it in baby milk and rub your leather again. Your leather will be clean and well “nourished”.

6. Use glycerin

Cleaning the leather

If your leather is fragile and very worn, dab it gently with a cloth soaked in glycerin. But above all, do not rub.

7. Make a mixture of white vinegar and cleansing milk

For leather that smells sweaty, take a cotton soaked in cleansing milk and a few drops of white vinegar and rub your leather with it. Change cotton as often as needed.

8. Use linseed oil for leather

Cleaning the leather

If you have cracked leather (such as shoe soles), soak it overnight in a little flaxseed oil.

9. Use alcohol to burn

If your leather rubs off, just pass some alcohol on it. Then you only have to wax your leather as usual.

10. Using a banana

Rub your leather with the inside of a banana peel and then polish with a rag. Your leather will look beautiful, shiny and clean.



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