Clean the Concrete, 10 Cleaning Tips


How to clean a concrete slab or terrace?

Concrete can be found everywhere in a house but also outside. On the floors, on the walls, in the basement, in the entrances, on the terrace and more. And like any other material found inside and outside the house must be maintained and cleaned well.

So do you know how to clean the concrete? 10 Tips offers below tips and products to maintain and clean the concrete. 

Tips and products for cleaning concrete:

1. Clean a concrete deck waxed with black soap

For a deck or concrete slab it is important to choose a cleaning product that is not too aggressive to avoid damaging the surface. After several tests and reviews of our visitors the liquid black soap is a great way to clean and maintain the concrete.

To clean the blackened concrete:

  • Mix some water with liquid black soap in a bucket
  • Clean, scrub and rinse the concrete slab

Black soap is also very effective in removing greasy stains on waxed concrete. You can also replace it with Marseilles soap which is just as effective.

2. How to clean the mold on concrete?

It is normal to see mold stains on concrete floors outside. With rain, sun, humidity and dirt, a slab or concrete deck can quickly become stained with mold. But do not panic, here are the steps to remove mold effectively:

  • Fill a bucket with cool-lukewarm water
  • Add 5 tablespoon percarbonate soda
  • Mix well and wash the concrete surface with emphasis on mold stains

Bleach can also be used to remove mildew and clean a blackened concrete deck over time. Attention by cons because the bleach is very powerful and damaging to the environment and may even damage the concrete.

Never use bleach on waxed concrete

Bleach and other cleaners with abrasive powders should not be used when cleaning polished concrete. You risk damaging your concrete surface with bleach.

3. Remove a stain of grease on a concrete slab

Whether it is a terrace or a simple concrete slab, it is important to clean grease stains as quickly as possible. If you do not react quickly this simple stain of fat will become a stubborn stain and so much more difficult to clean.

Use the clay stone:

The clay stone you know? This natural cleaning product is very effective against grease stains on different surfaces and different materials. So you can use a wet cloth (or sponge) and clay stone to rub grease stains on the concrete.

Use baking soda:

Baking soda is a natural product to have absolutely at home. To clean and remove stains on virtually any surface baking is very effective. Simply sprinkle baking soda over the fat stain, leave on for a few minutes and scrub the stain with a sponge or soft bristle brush to clean everything up.

Use the land of Stain Remover

A last effective natural product for removing greasy stains on concrete is the Stain Remover. This product absorbs and cleans stains of oil, butter, makeup, etc. We sprinkle on the stain, let it work and clean it to finish.

4. Remove a stain of red wine on concrete

Do you have an ugly stain of red wine on a concrete slab or counter top? Regardless of the type of stain it is important to clean everything quickly to prevent the liquid from getting into the concrete. Here’s how to remove a stain of red wine:

  • Remove as much liquid as possible with absorbent paper
  • Sprinkle with Sommières soil to completely cover the wine stain
  • Let act a few hours to detach as much as possible
  • Use soapy water and a brush to finish cleaning

You can also use white vinegar to clean a stain of red wine on a counter top or concrete deck.

5. Clean a concrete floor with vinegar

White vinegar is widely used and popular in the home when it comes to housework, is not it? So why not use the power of white vinegar to clean and remove all stains on concrete?

Here are some of the spots that will disappear with vinegar:

  • Mud stain
  • Red wine stain
  • Stain of fruits and vegetables
  • Grass stain
  • Mildew stain
  • Light rust stain

6. Remove the moss and green deposits on the concrete

For a deck, paver and concrete tile it is important to do a good annual maintenance to remove all stains and other dirt from the surface. It is also important to remove and prevent foam and green deposits from concrete

So you can buy a product that will help prevent and treat the concrete surface against green deposits . 10 Tips offers below the product Anti rub-son green deposits that can destroy the algae and lichens responsible for green spots. It is a treatment that is both curative and preventive.

7. Soapy water to avoid damaging the concrete

Just wash your concrete with a little hot water and some dish soap so that it is clean. You can start by cleaning the concrete with hot water and if stains persist then add dish soap to the water.

Soapy water is ideal for removing grease stains and other small stains from concrete floors and counter tops without the risk of damaging the surface.


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