Choose Your Glasses Frame

Choose Your Glasses Frame

Choose Your Glasses Frame

Which frame to choose for his glasses?

When it comes time to go buy glasses for the sight, several questions can arise in us. Which mount to choose? Which model, what color and which style suits you?

Therefore, it is important to try several and think of some details during the fitting of your new frames. Here are 10 tips and tips to help you choose your eyeglass frame!

Choose a frame according to the morphology of his face

When choosing a spectacle frame, it is important that it goes well with the shape of your face. If you have a small face, you could not take too big glasses. Same thing if it’s the opposite.

Opt for dark colors

The mounts of dark colors will be less discreet. If you want your glasses to be used as a fashion accessory, you can choose darker or more extravagant frames. If you have darker complexion it will also be a beautiful arrangement.

Opt for lighter colors

If you want glasses that are more discreet, it is certain that choosing a light frame will help you more to go unnoticed. If you have finer and more natural facial features, it could also be a beautiful marriage between the two.

Character glasses

Do you want your glasses to appear, feel good and influence your look? Choosing a larger mount will be a good idea!

Light and delicate glasses

If you want a frame that is both discreet and very light, it is certain that choosing a thin and delicate frame will be more beneficial for you. You will not feel them on your nose and they will train you less.

Plastic frames?

Plastic frames (and more rectangular shapes) bring a certain look. Also, they will often be considered more comfortable. There will be no small plastic pads on each edge of your nose, which will add to your comfort.

A metal bezel mount

These frames will be much more discreet and much finer. They will sometimes be a little less heavy too, given their delicacy. Most of the time, they will have small plastic pads on the nose.

Comfortable lenses

It is certain that at the level of the lens, you will have to take those which will be suggested to you by your specialist according to your needs. However, you can give your opinion and choose, for example, whether or not you want fireplaces, windows without reflections, etc.

Choose glasses with sun protection

And yes! Many glasses with sun protection are available. These will even become tinted when you are in the big light! So if you are a person who is spending a lot of time outdoors, this might be a good option to consider!

Bring a friend with you

Since the choice can sometimes be difficult to make, it would be good to bring someone with you to help you choose the pair of glasses that suits you best! The way we see ourselves in the mirror and others see us can be different sometimes! So better to have another opinion!  

You now have in hand valuable tips and tricks to choose the right eyeglass frame. Good luck in your search for the perfect frame for you!