Cheap Amsterdam Hotels: Clean, Central, Budget Friendly


City Hub

Amongst the cheapest Amsterdam hotels, the City Hub is separated from other hotels as a concept. How Does? First of all you stay in the small rooms reserved for you called “Hub”, not in the hotel rooms. There is a section in these sections where you can only put your bedding and furnishings.

Citiez Amsterdam

There is no private bathroom in the rooms, but the hotel’s bathrooms are separated as men and women, and are extremely luxurious and clean compared to a reasonably priced city hotel. You can listen to music in “Hub” as you like and adjust the lights to the desired color.

The hotel has a system called “City Hosts”. People living in Amsterdam and working for the hotel are hosting for you and they give interesting and different information about how to discover the city, and even show you around the city in private. In addition, the hotel offers you a mobile internet tool so you can instantly share the photos you want from anywhere in the city. So you do not stay in the net all day.

Citiez Amsterdam