Cheap Amsterdam Hotels: Clean, Central, Budget Friendly


The hotel has a relatively higher fare in cheap Amsterdam hotels, free Wi-Fi, daily housekeeping, free city maps, free children’s and baby beds, bike rental options, wake up service, Brasserie style restaurant, Bar, 24-hour reception, where you can relax after watching your feet stand in the dark waters.

Citiez Amsterdam

Hotel not Hotel

The Hotel Not Hotel is inexpensive Amsterdam with the intriguing details that mean the design is among the hotels. A room in this hotel is not just a room, it’s like its own creator, story and artwork with its identity. When you wake up in a hotel specially decorated by Collaboration-O and Arno Coenen and partner IRIS, which is a group of young designers from most Eindhoven Design Academy, you are entering an artful, similar space instead of an anonymous lobby or corridor. There is a large sitting room in the entire hotel, comfortable seating areas between “houses” (each room in the hotel is like a separate apartment).

Citiez Amsterdam Citiez Amsterdam

To be able to live the day-to-day life of a city with the most important rule. Hotel not Hotel helps you in this and tells you daily that there are exhibitions of young artists who bring a fresh breath of artistry, where the city has a hidden restaurant or cafe, a warm and friendly bar, a nightclub stunning music plays.