Buy a used Car, Practical Advice


How to buy a used car without getting hurt?

Buying a used car requires good thinking and some small buying tips. To be certain of your decision, here are some tips that will help you to proceed well for your used car purchase.

Here are 10 practical tips and tricks to buy a used car without breaking the bank and especially without making you play naughty tricks.

1.  Check the price of the used car

Once you have chosen the car you like the most, make sure that the asking price is consistent with the prevailing price for this kind of used car. To do this, you can check out his or her opportunity rating or just ask for a professional review.

You can also check out classified ad sites to compare cars of the same make and model and similar mileage.

2.  Check out some points of the car for sale

If you buy your car at a used car center or at the dealership, it is important to check certain points. It must have a poster indicating the make and model of the vehicle. Then the poster must also show the mileage, the date the car was put on sale, the price and the VO. The same information must be written on the order form and on the invoice. Also, read the warranty offer that is offered with the car.

3.  Check the look of the used car

Buy a used Car

You should check that it does not have rust on the body and even under the car. Check that there are no leaks, that the tires are in good condition, that the seats are not torn, and that there are no water spots on the carpets and seats. the car that would allow to see water leaks.

4.  Check radiator

Used Cars

Open the hood and unscrew the radiator cap. If the liquid of the radiator is rust-colored, it is not good at all. This means it is corroded.

5.  Check motor cables

It is important to check the cables. If they are new, you will know that electrical troubles have occurred recently and you can ask for explanations. If the cables are old or shredded, it’s not very good either.

6.  Check the dashboard

When you try the car, when you start it, make sure that all the lights turn on. Then, those related to the oil, the battery and the temperature must go out when the engine is switched on.

7.  Check the oil of the car

It is also important to check the oil of the car in question. If the oil has flakes or has a milky color, this predicts major engine problems. Perhaps it is better to pass his way. If you are not sure how to check everything, it is better to pay for a detailed inspection of the used car before you make the purchase.

8.  Listen to car sounds

Buy used cars

Be alert to all the noises the car makes when you turn it on and when you ride it. Sounds are often good clues about some malfunctioning.

To be sure to make a good purchase, do not hesitate to try and test the used car on different types of paths in order to properly test the self in question.

9.  Look at the smoke color of the exhaust

Buy used Cars

It is important to check the color of the smoke. If it is white, it may be a water leak. If it is bluish, it means that it consumes a lot of oil and if it black, it is that it has bad carburation.

10.  No debt on the car

Finally, before buying a used car to an individual, make sure that the car in question is debt free. Because if a debt is still attached to the used car, you risk having big problems in the future and even losing yourself.




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