Building a basement, 10 planning ideas

planning ideas

How to decorate and fit the basement of the house?

The basement is a floor in which it is nice to install beautiful rooms or squarely make a special room! In general, it could be a cinema-style living room or a fun room with for example a pool table.

No matter what you do with it, here are 10 ideas to properly fit your basement. You will love our decoration tricks to create the most beautiful basement in your home!

1. Provide comfort in the basement

planning ideas

The basement must be comfortable! Add big couches, big armchairs and big cushions! If the decoration allows you, you can even add a big rug very fluffy! So, everyone will be comfortable and relaxed in this beautiful basement!

2. Add sound and visual entertainment

If you have sofas, it is certain that it would be interesting to add a home cinema and a sound system! Watch movies and listen to music in this comfortable basement will be outstanding!

3. Add fun to your basement

Some will love to have fun in the basement! Pool table, arcade games, video games, hockey / ping-pong table, karaoke and more will be perfect in this family home area!

4. Provide a corner for children in the basement

planning ideas

If you have children, it would be nice to set up a small corner for them in the basement of the house. Shelves with games and toys, small bookcase, table and chairs, armchairs, carpets and more will make them happy!

5. Provide a reading corner

If you like boudoirs, why not make one much larger and airy in the basement! It will be a quiet place to read quietly and rest!

6. Put warm tones

The basement must be dark. Of course, no need to put it black like a dark room! But, choosing earth colors and warm tones would be a good thing. For example, put the brown coal walls or play with gray, black and red. To cut everything, add white accessories!

7. Purify the decoration of the basement

planning ideas

In a basement, you can focus on darker and / or striking colors, but it’s better not to put too many decorations. This will give the impression of shrinking the basement and already that you are underground, you will have too much the impression of suffocating visually.

8. Add Striking Items

Adding one or two more amazing items or accessories always brings the stamp to the basement! It could be a big popcorn machine, for example! It could also be a jukebox, a fountain, a large aquarium with strange fish or a beautiful piano!

9. Giving a theme to its basement

And yes! You could even give a theme to your basement! The sportsmen will love sporting decorations (boxing, gymnastics, training, hockey, etc.), others will like military styles, others will like 80’s themes. The possibilities are endless!

10. Create a lounge in the basement

For a more sensual effect, you could transform your basement into a small lounge! Bar, alcohol bottles, tailored lights and even a small dance floor in the basement why not! Of course, do not forget the pool table!




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