Build a Laundry Room, 10 Tips for You!

Laundry Room

A functional and practical laundry room

The laundry room is of course a small room. It must therefore be practical and functional. But how to fit such a piece of washing? Several deco’s tricks are possible to make to make the laundry room very efficient!

So here are 10 ideas to fit your laundry room!

1. Provide a support or rope for clothing

Laundry Room

Some clothes cannot be dried in the dryer. Therefore, they must be hung somewhere to dry in the open air. If you have a stand or a rope near the washing machines, you can hang your delicate clothes.

2. Have a folding counter

It would be nice to install a small counter next to the dryer to fold the clothes immediately. If you can, why not install a countertop just above your front-end washer and dryer?

3. Have superimposed machines

If you are very cramped in your laundry room, you could buy yourself a wash and dryer that will be stacked! They will take up much less space in your laundry room!

4. Installing tablets

Next to or above the fixtures, attach shelves to store all sorts of things. And if you opt for fences, there will never be dust and you can even hang hangers with clothes.

5. Install cabinets

Laundry Room

To keep detergents or other toxic products in your laundry room, you can also install some cabinets on top of the appliances!

6. Avoid Doors

If your laundry room is small, you can replace the door with a beautiful curtain! Same thing if your devices are hidden in some sort of wardrobe. Access will be more difficult with doors so you can put a curtain or opt for sliding doors.

7. Choose Retractable Accessories

For a small space, one chooses accessories and material that folds. Ideal for small bathrooms for example.

8. Properly position the devices

It would be nice to have the doors of your devices positioned so that the transfer of your clothes is easy! Also, we try to put everything at its height so as not to have pain in the back.

9. Create a beautiful scenery in the laundry room

Laundry Room

When thinking of a laundry room, one thinks practical and functional. Aesthetics is also important! Choose an energetic and radiant painting! Add some small decorations such as frames, flowers and scented accessories.

10. Putting on a small radio

Laundry Room

Sometimes you spend a lot of time in the laundry room bending clothes or ironing. So why not make the task more enjoyable with a little music!