Bad smells in the house, 10 tips to remove them


A bad odor in the house?

The bad odors in a home are highly undesirable and difficult to dislodge. They attack our nostrils and it is difficult to get rid of them.

1. Air to change the smell in a house

No matter what the season, airing the rooms of the house by opening the windows always does good. It refreshes the house while helping to eliminate the bad odors that reign in the different rooms of the house.

2. Burn scented candles

The scented candles bring a touch of love to the house while releasing good smells. Be careful not to exaggerate because a strong odor of scented candles can quickly turn into bad odor, you are warned.

3. Plug in odor diffusers

You know the stuff that you plug (Glade) into the wall and spread good smells all over the house? Well these gadgets are believing me, very effective to make the house much more fragrant and especially with nice pleasant odors.

4. Bleach to remove unpleasant odors

When washing floors and counters, put some bleach into your hot water. Once all your rooms are cleaned, you will see how clean it feels everywhere. Bad smells will only be bad memories. Caution on the other hand because the use of bleach can damage some surfaces such as hardwood for example so be careful.

5. Green clay to remove bad odors

Mix in a bowl 3 tablespoons of green clay powder with a few drops of rose essential oil. Then just leave the bowl in a room in your house, in the open air. Add essential oil every week.

6. Baking soda

Sprinkle all over your carpets and carpets with a little baking soda to quickly remove the bad odors that reign in the house. Leave to act all night and the next day vacuum. A natural trick to quickly eliminate the unwanted odors impregnated in carpets and carpets of the house.

7. Cider and Cinnamon Vinegar

Do you want a homemade recipe against bad odors? Heat a little cider vinegar and cinnamon in a cauldron and a very good smell will emerge. If the bad odors come from the kitchen, you will see them disappear with this sweet warm scent.

A homemade and natural recipe to change the smell of the house very quickly.

8. Use liquid softener

Heat over a very low heat with a little liquid fabric softener. A good odor will be felt very quickly and thus change the unpleasant odor that floats in the air.

9. Using sugar

Put the water in an aluminum dish with sugar and lightly heat the oven. After several minutes, a smell of caramel will be spread throughout the house to change the air and eliminate bad odors quickly.

10. Use powdered laundry detergent

The next time you change your vacuum bag, put a little powdered laundry on one corner of the carpet and vacuum it out. A clean smell will encompass your room quickly. No more bad odors with this simple trick.




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