Bad Odors in the Bathroom, 10 Tricks

Bad odors

A funny smell in your bathroom?

A bathroom easily absorbs bad odors. That’s why it’s nice to make sure these unwanted odors disappear as quickly as possible to leave room for good odors!

So, here’s for you and your bathroom, 10 stuffs against bad odors!

1. Aerate the bathroom

Bad odors

The bathroom is a small room that keeps even more bad odors. If you have a window, it would be important to open it in order to regularly ventilate the bathroom!

2. Remove bad odors from the sink

Bad odors

We do not always realize it, but the sink in the bathroom can, in the long run, produce bad odors. To fight them, pour into the latter a half glass of baking soda as well as a glass of vinegar. Wait 15 minutes and rinse with warm water. Repeat regularly.

3. Use bleach

Bad odors

Wash and scrub all the tiles in your bathroom thoroughly with bleach. Not only will they be clean, but no unpleasant odors will be felt afterwards.

4. Properly clean ceramic and bath joints

Clean all joints in your bathroom with a disinfectant. Bad smells have the bad habit of getting in the bathroom.

5. Regularly wash the carpet of the bathroom

It is important to wash regularly the small carpet that is often found in a bathroom. The latter has been walked on very often and dirt, bad odors and even bacteria are found there!

6. Avoid putting litter in the bathroom

The bathroom is a very small room and placing the cat litter could further increase the bad odors! Choose instead a more airy and more discreet place to put the litter of the cat.

7. Pour essential oil

Bad odors

So that there are always good smells in the bathroom, pour some essential oil on the carpet of the bathroom or even better, pour a few drops on the bulbs. Thus, on heating, the odor of the latter will spread.

8. Use white vinegar

Bad odors

To neutralize unpleasant odors, clean the bathroom equipment with white vinegar.

9. Keep the bowl clean in the bathroom

Clean your toilet bowl regularly with cleansing products that smell good. You can then add cleansing pads that will keep your bowl clean and with a good smell.

10. Light scented candles

Bad odors

When you take a bath, always light scented candles. Not only will they create a good relaxing atmosphere, but they will also create good odors throughout the bathroom.



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