Bad Breath of the Dog, Tips and Remedies

Bad Breath of the Dog

What if my dog ​​has bad breath?

You have a dog at home and you have noticed for some time a very unpleasant smell that comes out of your pet’s mouth?

10 Tips Today offers tips and remedies for the bad breath of the dog. Hoping you will find the right solution for your dog.

1. Brushing the dog’s teeth

Bad breath of the dog

If you want to prevent your dog from getting bad breath it is very important to brush your dog’s teeth. Brushing the dog’s teeth must quickly become a habit. You should brush your teeth at least 4 times a week. A simple and effective gesture against bad breath of the dog.

2. Toys against dog bad breath

There are toys specially designed to eliminate and control bad breath in dogs. It is primarily a solution for cleaning teeth, but it is important to note that this does not replace a real brushing of the teeth.

3. A good dog food

One cause of bad breath in dogs is poor diet. It is very important to buy adequate dog food, depending on the breed, age, health, etc. Good nutrition can reduce bad breath and also the risk of disease.

You can seek the help of a pet store advisor or even better with your veterinarian if the problem of bad odors persists in the dog.

4. Dry food for his dog

Bad breath of the dog

To eliminate mavaise breath you can also give your dog dry food only. The simple fact of dry eating helps to control this bad odor at the mouth. This is a good way to remove the pie and therefore the bad odors.

5. Give large dog food to your dog

If you occasionally give sweets and croquettes to your dog, choose the larger ones. Your dog will have to chew the large croquettes longer. An effective tip against dental plaque. You can also buy specially designed kibbles for bad breath.

6. Worms in the digestive tract?

Bad breath of the dog

Bad breath in dogs can actually be the result of worms in the digestive tract. More difficult to detect than pie on the teeth unfortunately. To avoid worms in dogs you can use deworming once or twice a year. Ask your veterinarian for more information on this practice.

7. Natural supplements against dog bad breath

If your dog has a bad breath digestion problem may point his nose end unfortunately. You can seek the advice of a veterinarian but adding digestive enzymes to your dog’s food will greatly diminish this bad halaine in addition to helping your digestive system.

8. A little parsley in the food

Parsley is very nutritious and has antimicrobial effects, so it is a good natural remedy against bad breath. You can then chop leaves of parsley and then add them to the dry food of your dog.

9. A little dill for your dog

Dill is a very effective anti-bacterial plant. A small infusion of dill can quickly help eliminate bad breath from your dog and your cat. A few drops of this solution in the bowl of water your dog will help against bad breath.

10. Caution this can be the cause of a disease

Beware because bad breath in dogs can also result from a much more serious illness. Pneumonia, severe constipation, sinusitis, diabetes, many diseases can hide in the dog. Do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian if you suspect something abnormal in your dog.