ArduDroid A Simple 2-Way Bluetooth Controller For Arduino

ArduDroid A Simple 2-Way Bluetooth Controller

ArduDroid: A Simple 2-Way Bluetooth-Controller-Based Android For Arduino

ArduDroid A Simple 2-Way Bluetooth Controller

ArduDroid A Simple 2-Way Bluetooth Controller



  • Wiring model and electronics skills.
  • Arduno Uno.
  • HC-05 series Bluetooth module.


ArduDroid (formerly Andruino) is a simple tool to help you control your Arduino (or clone) from your Android phone. This is an Android application and an Arduino program. ArduDroid has a simple Android user interface 1) Arduino digital control and text control rods 2) Arduino PWM sending 3) and receive data from Arduino via Bluetooth series using the very popular and truly Cheap ( less than $ 10 on ebay ) HC-05 Bluetooth to the serial module. This app has been tested and designed for the Bluetooth module HC-05 series. Other Bluetooth modules may or may not work. Please see the comments section for users who have tried other Bluetooth modules with this app.


ArduDroid should work with other Bluetooth modules with some adjustments, but I have not tested it with the HC-05. This is an alpha version that works well on my Samsung Galaxy S2 Plus. Please share your ArduDroid experience running on your phone. Also, while I used Arduino Uno in this prototype, do not hesitate to experiment with other Arduino models. Share your experience to help me improve this app.

I have published a front guide on building and programming a circuit with the Bluetooth module HC-05 and Arduino, but I will briefly describe again in this guide how to wire the circuit using a Model and rider.

ArduDroid is an application that has evolved over the course of one of my development projects. Special thanks to engineer Jafar Quttaineh for testing the app and for its invaluable contribution.