10 Tips to Approach a Girl you Love


Speaking a girl for the first time, not always easy!

If you’re a shy and lonely guy, you might have a bit of trouble putting into practice our tips and tricks to approach girls.

But do not worry about it, everything is possible in life, even pass over your shyness for Approach a Girl!

So here are our 10 tips for approaching a woman you love.

1. Smile is paramount to approach a girl

It’s no secret, smile and humor can be very effective when it comes time to approach a woman. But be careful, the smile must be natural and not forced otherwise you risk having a lot of misery to catch the attention of women.

2. Go directly

Of course the technique of direct approach can be effective for some and for others not. If you are shy about going there cash is definitely not the solution. If not for others to go direct can give a good result. Introduce yourself and start approaching the girl, quite simply.

3. Tackling a girl in a roundabout way

If the direct way does not interest you, then the method of the diverted approach is the perfect solution to talk to the girls. For example, you can use a pretext to ask for information about something, a notice about something, in short, an indirect way to start the conversation with the girl.

4. Common interests with the girl

When you start a conversation with a woman you are interested in it is important to find common interests. Simply mentioning that you like traveling, or even practicing sports, can lead to a long and beautiful conversation with the girl of your dreams. An excellent trick to tackle the girls.

5. Asking questions to the girl

When you talk to a girl for the first time, do not forget to ask questions and especially to really care about her and her answers.

6. Be different from all other men

To make a good impression and succeed in capturing the interest of a girl you must be different from the other men she meets … Do not be this type of ordinary man who dares nothing more than the others. A bit of humor, a little originality, trust and above all to be listening to the girl!

7. Use contacts to meet

If you do not know how to approach and meet girls why not use your list of contacts and friends? A meeting with friends is a perfect opportunity to approach a girl you may know a little, but no more.

8. Are you charismatic?

If you are a charismatic person you may have a lot more ease to abode women, no matter the location and situation. Girls love guys with a lot of charisma.

9. Stand out!

Do you have any special qualities or abilities? You play a music instrument? Are you good at a sport? Did you gain something important? Regardless, this can be a good way to approach and begin a conversation with a girl.

10. Do not get involved in a conversation

If you want to approach a girl, but she is already in conversation with a girl or a guy, wait until the girl is free before approaching.