7 Reasons Why a Cigarette Can Damage Your Fertility

7 Reasons Why a Cigarette Can Damage Your Fertility

7 Reasons Why a Cigarette Can Damage Your Fertility

Usefulsharing.com – When looking at the packaging of cigarettes, you would read the warnings that cigarettes can cause a variety of health problems, one of which is impotent. Cigarettes can not only trigger a variety of serious diseases such as heart disease, lung cancer, and tuberculosis (TB), but also can damage male fertility.

Researchers around the world have concluded that smoking can affect a person’s fertility, both men and women. The effect is also not limited to active smokers, but also passive smokers. So, how cigarettes can affect male fertility. Although cigarettes do not directly enter the reproductive organs, but the harmful substances in it is absorbed by the body.

Here are some ways cigarettes can damage male fertility, as reported by Boldsky.

1. Lowering sperm count
The more sperm count, the higher is also the possibility to have children. But if the sperm decreases, then the chances of conception will also be thinner.

2. Bad sperm quality
Not only reduce sperm count, smoking can also affect the quality and ability of sperm in swimming. It is well known that to reach an egg cell, the sperm must swim within the female body. The higher the ability to swim sperm, the higher the possibility of conception. If the ability to swim sperm decreases, the smaller the possibility of sperm reaching the egg.

3. Disrupt the transport of eggs
Not only affect the quality of male sperm, smoking also affects the ability of the egg to move from the fallopian tubes to the uterus. The result, if there is no egg to the uterus, it will be difficult to conception.

4. DNA Damage The
effects of cigarettes do not stop at the process of fertilization, but also when fertilization has occurred. Chemical substances in cigarettes can damage DNA. When DNA in an egg or sperm cell is damaged, it will be difficult to fertilize. Although conception has already occurred, the risk of miscarriage is sure to be high.

5. Erectile dysfunction
Smoking habits can also increase a person’s risk of erectile dysfunction. Men who experience erectile dysfunction will have difficulty maintaining and having an erection, so it will be more difficult to fertilize.

6. Damaging the balance of hormones
Various kinds of chemicals in cigarettes that enter the bloodstream will affect male and female hormones. When hormones are affected, the reproductive system in the body will also be disrupted.

7. Early menopause
Smoking will affect menopause in women because smoking will speed up the process of egg loss. The missing eggs will not be replaced and will eventually cause premature menopause in women. It also lowers the chances of women getting pregnant.