10 Tricks against Armpit Sweating

armpit sweating

Do you sometimes perspire from underarms?

It is never pleasant to sweat underarms. But it is still a normal phenomenon that is still possible to control. With a few simple tricks, you’ll see that it’s possible! So here are some tricks against underarm sweating.

1. Use baby powder

armpit sweating

Baby powder will absorb sweat while concealing odors. In addition, the texture of the powder will be pleasant under the arms.

2. Refresh regularly

No need to take several showers a day, but if you can once occasionally refresh your armpits with a wet washcloth, this will do a lot of good. The bad odors will be less strong and you will feel better.

3. Wash with deodorant and scented soap

When you take your shower, use a deodorant fragrance and if it is fragrant (if you do not have sensitive skin) it will be even better. Good hygiene is the first step to combat perspiration.

4. Shaving the armpits

And yes, this thing is even addressed to you gentlemen! If you suffer from serious underarm sweating problems or sweating on the feet, shaving will help you greatly. The smell will be less likely to stay if you do not have hair under your arms.

5. Use deodorants

Of course, it is always necessary to apply deodorant under the arms to fight perspiration. Many kinds exist and by dint of trying it you will end up finding the one that suits you best. Make it a habit to bring your deodorant with you and put it on several times during the day.

6. Use acne products

armpit sweating

Apply an anti-bacterial acne cream under your armpit. This will help you strongly as these are the bacteria that produce the odor left by sweating.

7. Do not eat too spicy foods

Strong spices tend to make us sweat. If you tend to sweat easily, be better than avoid consuming it.

8. Consult a physician

Indeed, if your condition is too extreme, the doctor may prescribe an oral medication that will control your sweating.

9. Use aluminum chloride

Each evening, apply aluminum chloride under your armpits for 1 week and then once a week. Put talcum before and after to avoid irritations and avoid shaving the same day so that it does not burn.

10. Use Alum stone

armpit sweating

Moisten an Alum stone and put it under the arms. You will see, this will be very effective against armpit sweating.



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