10 Tips To Understand His Dog


Do you know the behavior of your dog?

Do you have a dog at home or the neighbor’s dog seems to want to tell you something? Understanding the signs and behaviors of a dog is not always obvious.

10 Tips offers you 10 tips and tricks to better understand his dog at home.

The 10 Tips to Understand a Dog:

1. My dog ​​is wagging his tail … Why?

Does your dog often wag his tail when you are near him? Did you know that this is not just a sign of tenderness and games? Indeed if it moves more towards the right then it wishes of the attention and caresses of its master but if it moves the tail to the left then it is that it wishes to leave.

2. A dog that licks … What does he wants?

Does your dog usually lick your hand? If your dog licks a lot it is often related to a brand of affection towards his master but also a sign of submission in other cases. So pay attention to the attitude you have towards your dog.

3. Why is my dog ​​grunting?

Does your dog usually growl at you and other people? Unfortunately the grunt is always a sign of aggression, whether towards a person or an object such as a toy.

If a dog growls towards you or another person it is important to withdraw and take this grunt as a warning. We must look away to avoid confrontation.

4. Understanding the dog barking

Do you know what the barking of a dog is, what exactly does it mean? If your dog barks this can constitute several things. You can think of a warning, a threat or the opposite, the barking can mean games or I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, and so on.

5. Especially no hair dryer for a dog!

Whenever you wash your dog and take out the hair dryer to dry the hair of your pet it reacts strongly? The reason is simple, you should never use a hair dryer because dogs hate it. Dogs hate the noise and wind caused by this hairdressing accessory, so keep the hairdryer for you.

6. Why is my dog ​​so slow to make his needs?

Do you find your dog slow when it comes to making his small needs out? You probably did not know, but the dogs line up on the earth’s magnetic field when it comes to squatting down to make the needs. Curious not?

7. A dog who lies on his back…

Does your dog sometimes lie on his back when you seem to be angry with him? The dog lies on his back as a sign of submission. One can translate this behavior of the dog by:

– I understand I will not start again!

– Stop being angry with me, I’ll stop!

– I’m mistaken, I understand you now!

In short, it is a sign of submission for a dog so stop scolding him, he understood!

8. What are the signs of a dog that is afraid?

If your dog is afraid there are some very visible signs and gestures such as the tail between the hind legs or even the ears stuck on the head. One must be very careful because a dog that is afraid can quickly become aggressive in certain situations.

9. Is your dog social?

Did you know that a dog must meet a ton of young people so that he is accustomed to the human presence and differences of everyone? The first 100 days of a dog’s life are very important for socializing in a dog.

10. A dog looking straight into the eyes

If your dog or a neighbor dog fixes your gaze you have to be careful because it is often a sign of provocation and therefore possibly aggressive if it continues. If the rest of the dog’s body seems dominating you should be very careful about this dog. If, on the contrary, the rest of the body seems relaxed and tranquil, it is also a means for the dog to better understand the orders of his master, quite simply.



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