10 tips to relieve the soles of the feet.


How to relieve the soles of the feet?

The majority of people focus solely on the face when it comes to taking care of oneself. It is easily given all the necessary care because it is revealed to others.

However, if there is one part that would require the greatest attention, it is the feet! They support your weight throughout the day … They have the right to be pampered too!

Whether it’s just a feeling of well-being to thank them for the service provided, or because you have frequent pain, here are 10 tips to relieve the soles of your feet.

Tips to quickly relieve the soles of your feet:

1. The footbath to relieve the soles of the feet

Doing a foot bath is the idea you think about first, because it’s simple and effective! Know that the foot bath has many virtues on the feet and health in general.

In addition to its relaxing power, it can relieve pain in the feet, increase blood circulation or eliminate toxins. It also has beneficial effects on your good mood and reduces fatigue.

So why deprive yourself? For more relaxation, choose warm to warm water for your foot bath.

2. The foot massage

The foot massage is ideal for maximum relaxation! A good foot massage performed by a physiotherapist or professional masseur / masseuse will do you the greatest good.

Leaving you may feel like walking on clouds! If you can not afford it, maybe you will find a nice partner who will want to do a foot massage!

3. The massage ball

We stay in the massage, but this time it’s a self-massage of the feet! That is to say, you do not need anyone, just a little tennis ball type ball.

Place the ball or ball under your foot, and have fun rolling it gently from the heel to the toes for a few minutes (then move to the other foot).

Even if it’s not worth a massage done by a professional, it’s enough to relieve the soles of the feet for less!

4. The massage device

More expensive, you also have the opportunity to invest in a real massage device. The most common are shiatsu massage machines, which combine kneading knots to target acupuncture points to relaxing heat.

Today we find them in the trade at competitive prices. For around 50-100 euros you start to have good quality models.

If you also have blood circulation problems, opt for a circulatory stimulator like the revitive medic plus .

5. Softening the soles of the feet

The relaxation of the soles of the feet will relieve them and it takes less than a minute to quickly feel better. For this the best remedies is a position that runners know well because it also stretches the calf:

  • Stand on a small step, for example on a sidewalk.
  • With the toe portion on the step, lower the heel (one and then the other) so that you feel a stretch.

6. Walking barefoot

In addition to being pleasant for the arch and reconnecting with the earth, the benefits of barefoot walking have been demonstrated in many areas:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Improves blood circulation

Whether at home, in your garden or in a park … Take the opportunity to remove your shoes as soon as you can, and walk! It will do you the greatest good.

7. Ice to relieve foot pain

In case of pain under the soles of the feet, the ice is a good solution to ease the discomfort on the blow. Indeed, the ice acts as a local anesthetic that reduces the sensitivity of the soles of the feet and therefore reduces the pain.

You can let the ice cream apply for about 10 minutes maximum, no more. You can repeat the operation several times during the day if necessary.

8. Use insoles to relieve your feet

Although some soles sold in the trade are of quality and will help to relieve your feet, the ideal remains to consult a podo-orthotist.

This health professional will make a complete analysis of your approach to identify any abnormalities and thus offer you orthopedic insoles adapted to the soles of your feet.

9. Good shoes for healthy feet

It’s stupid, but if you have foot pain at the end of the day it’s also maybe because your shoes are not suitable for your feet.

If you are subject to plantar pain, avoid low-end shoes or those that do not support the heel such as flip-flops and clappers. For any activity there are shoes and brands specially designed to relieve your feet.

10. Anti-inflammatories

Taking anti-inflammatory drugs is a last resort for those who have a pain from the soles of the feet that becomes disabling.

Anti-inflammatory, which exist in the form of cream or medicine, should reduce your plantar pain quickly. Nevertheless, it remains drugs and therefore to be taken with care.

If the pain in the feet is persistent, do not wait to see a doctor or chiropodist.


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